Indoor Living Décor

Homes have always been a refuge for people to relax from the labors of life, and today’s homes reflect this concept in their design and décor. For some people, formal living and dining rooms are separate from the rest of the home. This type of design gives people a place to entertain guests, but the rest of the home is for their private use. Decorating can take several different forms, and it reflects the formal and relaxed tastes of the owners.

Formal rooms for guests are often unused when just the family is home, and they are set up for ease in entertaining. The dining room table might be set up with a centerpiece permanently in place, and the formal china is usually part of the décor in its own display cabinet. The furniture and wall colors of formal rooms are often subdued, and they reflect their purpose as a space to show off the family’s ability to make guests comfortable.

A second living area is now a part of many new homes, and it is often added when remodeling takes place. This is where the family relaxes together after dinner, and it is often a play area for the children. Situated off the kitchen, it is the space where family members can lounge on comfortable chairs while watching their favorite shows or playing games. The colors tend to be brighter than the formal living room, and the furniture is designed for plenty of wear and tear.

Eating in the kitchen is generally reserved for family and close friends, and the décor in this area is much less formal than the dining room. Chairs are made of materials that are easy to clean, and the table tends to be sturdy but plain. The wall, flooring and furniture colors are brighter, and art on the walls reflects the relaxed nature of this family gathering place.